Where Literacy Meets Legacy

Literacy is a fundamental right for everyone. It is a foundational skill that helps to achieve individual, family, and community success.

Imperial Legacy Inc. can help individuals and families start to build that foundation to success.

Come join us.

FL: 1 in 4

adults are at or below Level 1 of literacy


of the chronically unemployed are not literate


% of adults without basic literacy 

What We Do

Empower Minds

Encourage Confidence

Ensure Legacy Through Literacy For All 

We believe that literacy is the road map to leaving a legacy.  We empower adults with literacy to create a better future for their families, and build stronger communities and thriving economies. We are enriching children's learning to ensure academic success in the classroom.

One in four adults in Central Florida are restricted from living a life of legacy due to illiteracy or reading at an elementary school level.  Research shows that parents with low literacy skills have trouble reading to their children, or simply don't attempt to read to their children due to lack of confidence in their own skills. This often results in the perpetuation of low literacy skills across generations.

Our goal is to bridge the gap of illiteracy by being a resource to build confidence, and providing instruction via literacy tools and a supportive community to ensure that literacy is accessible to everyone. We provide literacy classes and resources for adult learners, and aim to create a safe place for learning, growth, and expansion for all using literacy as a tool.

Let's erase the literary divide. Come join us in building that bridge. 




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What We Offer

We offer a variety of resources and classes for adult learners to help improve their literacy with English, finances, and technology.


Weekly instructor-led English reading, writing, and speaking classes.

Learning Space

Books and other learning aids for individuals in a space that is dedicated to increase learner access and participation.


Access to computers and training to gain appropriate skills.


Confidence-building activities to inspire individuals and strengthen their interactions in society.

Financial Literacy

Training about financial literacy, budgeting, and banking skills.

Mental Health

Self-care techniques to identify mental and physical health disorders as taught by board-certified medical providers.